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A note from our Artistic Director

It is a great honour and pleasure to introduce to you Dance Fever.
As a child growing up I had a dream of one day establishing a dance studio of my own. With your support this dream is now a reality.

All of our children have dreams. They have ideas and hopes of who they will be when they grow up. Artistically, dance inspires our children. It teaches them to not only dream, but dream big; to see a goal and work diligently to achieve it.

It is now my dream to ensure Dance Fever provides our students with the tools, skills, knowledge and safe environment to learn how to achieve their dreams.

The studio, under my leadership, with over 10 years of dance instruction experience and a life-long passion for children and the art of dance will provide your child the opportunity to express their feelings, emotions, personalities and creativity. It will allow them to become more confident, social, diligent, keep fit and have fun. It will inspire them to better learn how to interact with peers in a setting which is welcoming and inclusive; to be themselves without reservation.

Our students will not only dream but learn how to live their dreams.

The only stronger commitment I have then to the art of dance is to the children themselves and their future success.


Cristina Iannuzzi, Artistic Director, Dance Fever

Our Classes

  •   JAZZ
  •   TAP
  •   ACRO
  •   BALLET
  •   BALLET
  •   POINTE

Recreational Age Groups

ITSY BITSY – 2-4 years of age

TEENIE BOPPERS – 5-6 years of age

MINI – 7-8 years of age

JUNIOR – 9-11 years of age


Competitive Companies

Please contact Dance Fever to set up an audition for our competitive program.

Catapillar in the Tree 

How you wonder who you’ll be 

Can’t go far but 

You can always dream

Don’t you worry hold on tight 

I promise you there will come a day 

Wish you may and wish you might

Butterfly fly away 

Flap your wings now you can’t stay 

Take those dreams and make them all come true 

M. Cyrus:Butterfly Fly Away.

Dance Like No One is Watching……